[TWITTER] : 숙소는 어떻게아는지 모르겠지만 이주전쯤 문에 낙서가 되있어서 놀랐었는데.. 이젠 쉬고있는데 계속 호출하거나 벨 누르고 도망가는 사람까지 생겼어요.. 벌들 제발 부탁할께요.

[ENG] I don’t know how they know where our dorm is, but we were shocked to see graffiti on our door about two weeks ago.. and now there is even someone ringing the bell or calling and then running away.. Please bees, I’m pleading with you.

(T/N: Please respect Block B’s personal lives and especially do not bother them at their dorm! Let’s be good bees~)

: 멤버들 주의끌어내서 공개적으로 경고메시지 받으면 훈장이라도 단것마냥 성취감 느끼시는건가요 ?

[ENG] Dragging the member’s attention and receiving a public warning message, is that a medal or do you feel a sweet sense of achievement?

: 숙소방문 소름끼칩니다 당장 그만두세요

[ENG] Our dorm door It gives me the creeps Please stop right now

Trans: bontheblock

Please please please respect the boys! Don’t try and find where they live, their phone numbers, kkt IDs. Please let them have their privacy and live in peace! They don’t need this.